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( 95/16/EC ) Lift
The issues in scope of this directive are mentioned below:

a) This directive includes the security devices used in buildings, constructions and the ones mentioned in appendix-IV. Eventhough they dont move on rails without elasticity, the elevators moving on a steady line is also included in this directive (ex: scissor elevators)If some or all of the risks in this directive is included for the elevators, this directive will not be applied to these kind of elevators or its application will be cancelled.

b)This directive does not include the elevators mentioned below..

Public or private overhead lines used for people carriage including hung cabled railways.
Specially designed or made elevators used for military or security purposes.
Mine cranes
Stage elevators
Elevators attached to transport vehicles.
Trains operating on gearwhell
Worksite elevators used for carrying people or load.