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  "All the interested parties can contact directly to QA certification services pvt. Ltd. To know the status of any certified customer by QA Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. And also can ask about the withdrawal, suspension and cancel information of the client"
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QACS provides the CE self deceleration certification.
(95/16/EC) (93/42/EEC)
Lift Medical equipments
(90/396/EEC) (89/336/EEC)
Gas Appliance Directive EMC
(98/79/EC) (88/378/EEC)
IN VITRO Diagnosis Devices Toy
(73/23/EEC) (89/106/EEC)
LVD Construction Equipments
(97/23/EC) (98/37/EC)
Pressure equipments Machine
(94/25/EC) (87/404/EEC)
Leisure Purposed Recreational Craft Simple Pressure Vessels