Hazard Analysis In Critical Control Points


HACCP is a system applied to provide food safety. In food enterprises, it is based on providing necessary hygiene reqirements (personnel hygiene, equipment hygiene, raw material hygiene, environment hygiene etc...) identifying the reasons which can provide health risks for consumers in production or service stage and demolishing these reasons. Food safety in food production is the key demand of the end user. HACCP (Hazardous Analysis of Critical Points, danger analysis and criticaql control points is a management system to respond to this need.

The necessity of using HACCP system is stated in the 09.06.1998 dated official newspaper which published the Directive for production, consumption and inspection of food in Turkey. In the same directive, being valid after 15.11.2002, gradual and mandatory usage of HACCP system was brought into act especially for enterprises producing meat, milk and milk products.

Benfits of HACCP
  • HACCP is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards to prevent food borne illness.
  • Usage of HACCP system provides passing through a end products testing and a reversal quality control approach into Preventive Quality Providing approach.
  • HACCP, provides economic control for food borne illnesses.
  • A correct HACCP study has to determine all potential dangers.
  • Usage of HACCP system, provides usage of technical resources by critical production points.
  • Preventive approaches like HACCP system helps in decreased product losses.
  • HACCP system can be used by other quality management systems (Ex: In scope of total quality management, integration of ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP)
  • It is a system chosen and supported by global authorities like FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission, for providing food safety.
  • HACCP system has positive effects also on international trade.
  • It acts as an indicator for production as the legal directives are followed.
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